Technology is essential now with today’s remote workforce and distance education. 

Stay up to date on the latest in technology trends and changes through  2NDGEAR’s Tech Talk Tuesdays Webinar Series.

Whether it’s a deep discussion around how technology can be used now in response to socioeconomic changes or a walkthrough of the latest and greatest trends with IT thought leaders, Tech Talk Tuesdays will have you prepared for what’s going on today and how to be prepared for the future.


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The New Normal: How Tech Leaders Need to Approach Technology Acquisitions

When: Tuesday, July 21st at 10am - 11am PT / 1pm - 2pm ET

Speakers: Chad Hunt, Business Development Executive, 2NDGEAR and Andrew Golembiesky, Regional Sales Manager - East, 2NDGEAR

Description: Many organizations are in the unknown of what their budgets will look like beyond 2020. Cuts towards technology are expected and IT teams are already facing the challenge of restrained resources while moving into a remote environment, both for the workforce and distance learning students.

However, there are already those ahead of the game and tackling the challenge of budget cuts and the need for more technology. Join us for this Tech Talk Tuesday webinar and discover how taking a new approach towards technology purchases are enabling organizations to gain access to more hardware at a lesser cost.


Using the CARES Act for Remote Learning

When: Thursday, July 9th, 10am - 11am PDT / 1pm - 2pm EDT

Speakers: Holly Davis, CEO, Komplement
Jason Claybrook, VP, SBDM (Strategy, Business Development and Marketing), Aura Wireless
Leslie Zaks, SLED Business Development, 2NDGEAR

Description: Discover how the CARES Act can help conquer the challenges of creating a remote learning environment. In this session, we will look at what is covered under the initiative including emerging technologies that help extend on-campus network to get students connected and take a dive into viewing all the components needed to launch your remote classrooms this fall.


Strategic Approach to Managing E-Rate Spend in 2021 for Schools and Libraries

When: Tuesday, June 16th, 10am - 11am PDT / 1pm - 2pm EDT

Speakers: Holly Davis, CEO, Komplement 
Leslie Zaks, SLED Business Development, 2NDGEAR

Description: New rules, new budgets, new opportunities. How should you use E-Rate funding for your school’s network deployment?

The new year is just around the corner with E-Rate 2021, starting on July 1st. Join us on this Tech Talk Tuesday with guest, Holly Davis, a leading expert in K12 and the E-Rate Federally Funded Program to provide insight on what to expect from the E-Rate Program in 2021.


Extend Your Campus Network to the Community for Remote Learning Using the CARES Act

When: Tuesday, June 2nd, 10am - 11am PDT / 1pm - 2pm EDT

Speakers: Holly Davis, CEO, Komplement
Jason Claybrook, VP, SBDM (Strategy, Business Development and Marketing), Aura Wireless
Leslie Zaks, SLED Business Development, 2NDGEAR

Description: COVID-19 has shaken up everything we know, and the reality is we have to prepare for the next chapter of opening up the country, including our children going back to school. It is uncertain what the new school year will look like, whether kids are back in the classrooms or continuing online. One thing we know for sure is it will not be a regular school calendar year. For economically challenged communities where they have no access to the internet or devices to connect to a remote classroom, those schools and communities must get creative and plan now on how to extend their on-campus network to the community.

Join us to talk about how you can close the "homework gap/remote gap" for your schools now by using the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and into the future without having to wait for E-rate funding.

Holly Davis is a leading expert in K12 as a business and her discussion will include how to get the funding you need to ensure your students stay connected even when they are learning remotely. Holly will be joined by Jason Claybrook from Aura Wireless to discuss a unique solution to extending the classroom's boundary from campus to community.


How VDI Can Accelerate Online Learning

When: Tuesday, May 26th, 10am - 11am PDT / 1pm - 2pm EDT

Speakers: John Matthew, Director of Cloud & Automation, Red8
Tim Muse, Cloud Engineer, Red8

Description: Virtual desktops can enable online learning quickly and easily. Choosing the right VDI solution can also simplify desktop and application management, secure data, and improve compliance, all while driving down costs. Through this live demo, learn how 2NDGEAR and Azure VDI can make this a reality for your schools. During the demo, we will review:

  • Feature overview of Azure VDI / WVD
  • Installation overview
  • Admin Demo
  • User Demo


An “As-a-Service” Approach to the Chromebook Lifecycle

When: Tuesday, May 19th, 10am - 11am PDT / 1pm - 2pm EDT

Speakers: Marcus Wells, Regional Branch Manager - West, 2NDGEAR
Leroy Wyman, VP of Operations, 2NDGEAR
Brian Jones, Systems Engineer, Red8
Mike DeCarlo, Sr. VP, Insight Financial Services

Description: Chromebooks have revolutionized today’s classrooms by enabling more productive e-learning and remote learning possibilities. Planning for a large Chromebook acquisition is no easy task, let alone the imaging, deploying, maintenance, support, asset management, and end of life logistics. During this webinar, we talk about a new approach to the Chromebook lifecycle that we like to call, Chromebook Lifecycle as a Service, CLaaS for short. Join us to learn how an “As a Service” approach to your Chromebooks can free up your IT resources for more strategic initiatives and build a predictable IT budget.


Lessons from Distance Learning

When: Tuesday, May 5th, 10am - 11am PDT / 1pm - 2pm EDT

Speaker: Ellen Connor, Product Training Specialist, Newline

Description: When students come back to the classroom, the world doesn’t have to change again. Many steps schools have taken to continue teaching during a school year of pandemics and remote learning will continue to be effective once it is safe to go back to a classroom setting.

Join 2NDGEAR and Newline Interactive for a special webinar to discuss what lessons we can take from distance learning when schools re-open, including lesson recording, whiteboarding software, and videoconferencing. 


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