California E-Rate Case Study

Get Access to $7.1B in Federal EdTech Funding 

U.S. schools and libraries can use ECF to purchase laptops, tablets, and broadband equipment/services to support off-campus learning for students and library patrons.  

Schools and libraries now have access to $7.1 billion in Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) funding to purchase IT equipment, build connected networks, and attain services for underserved communities in America.

Educators can now rest assured that all their students will attend class in the event of another shutdown or can finally close the homework gap that has been an on-going challenge pre-pandemic.  


So how can schools and libraries start leveraging ECF and get their students connected?


The ECF program has specific requirements and 2NDGEAR can help schools navigate the process and source eligible equipment for students and staff.

To request assistance or more information on ECF, simply fill out the form and we'll connect you with an expert at 2NDGEAR.

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